- 2013 -
Organize & conduct usability testing                                                        Recruit testing participants
Collaborate with key stakeholders                                                            Analyze & present testing results
Design final solutions (UI)
Working with our UX researcher, I organized and set up user testing sessions to evaluate our retail display prototypes. The focus of our study was to improve the overall user experience in terms of interacting with the demo so a customer can learn more about the product and what it can offer.
My mission as a designer was to improve the button layout on the surface panel, and design an easier on-screen navigation layout. The data from our test helped in identifying all the key issues, which I used to create the final proposals.
Retail Displays
They are self-serve interactive kiosks usually located in retail stores (Target, Best Buy, etc.). These self-serve kiosks allow customers to discover benefits of Bose Products.
User Testing
Help customers get situated
Add labels, streamline layout
Simplify the on-screen menu