User Experience
It's how customers and users realize the value provided by the product, including all touch points with the company and the product.
Who is this guy?
I'm a UX Designer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), currently responsible for AI language services for the web console. Previously, I was in Citibank where I created the next generation experience for onboarding new customers. Before Citi, I was in SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services, designing for auto industry clients such as Nissan and Chrysler. I love to solve challenging problems, and create meaningful experiences. I’ve had the privilege to work on a variety of different projects with some of the most wonderful group of people and mentors. Currently I’m in Texas, but I grew up in New York where I studied New Media Design at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Things I'm into:
I love to cook, try new recipes, and discover restaurants that serve exotic cuisine. I am a Ramen enthusiast and can’t resist extra spicy variations. As for music, I can listen to Liquid Dubstep for days. I play League of Legends from time to time, watch cricket (not the insect) and enjoy playing table tennis. Last but not least, I'm a really big fan of Studio Ghibli movies and Spirited Away is one of my favorites.

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