UI Design

Disclaimer: Some information is kept confidential due to company ownership of the material. Created a working prototype for an upcoming feature for Bose SoundTouch™ app. This feature deals with the integration of a 3rd party music provider. In order for the integration to work harmoniously with SoundTouch™ , extensive knowledge of both the usability of the app as well as the usability of the 3rd party music provider was needed. This was then translated into a feature list, which later evolved into a flow diagram. The flow diagram is like a blue print, and shows how the features would function within the app. The interaction map provided in the diagram was then turned into a functional prototype, which was presented to the team members. In the process, I also utilized and learned how to use Axure RP. Link to App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soundtouch-controller/id708379313?mt=8

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