"People tend to forget that at the end of every Tweet, at the end of every Like, there's a human. And unless you can somehow create a level of emotional resonance, whether that's through utility or entertainment, you can't make a connection." - Ajaz Ahmed

When it comes to the future of interactive design, or interactive technology, knowing the perfect way to connect to our users is not easy. Today, we are living in an age in which the traditional has become endangered, and technology has taken the front line of the most efficient way of doing things. When I need inspiration, the future is always my starting point. Emerging technology is challenging and redefining the way we view our world, and often even the way we view each other. Even so, there has to exist something beyond
the pixels in an LCD screen. As Velocity would have put it, "The most powerful force in the universe isn't technology. It's imagination."

When creating something new, we need to acknowledge that change is the only constant. What connects a user today may not connect the user tomorrow. People who once used floppy discs to save their work today use the cloud. However, our designs need to make that connection. They have to be responsive in the present while transcending its value into the future. By using our imagination and being flexible towards change, our designs will not simply make connections; they will make connections that are truly memorable.

In a fast-paced digital era where the new appears every day, you need a clear sense of direction. My goal is to cultivate my imagination, knowledge, and service in an environment with strong values and a challenging atmosphere. I hope to work, think, and solve problems with passionate people in order to contribute to the future and create what's next.
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